My jewellery is born of my passionate and intuitive approach to life, and I find inspiration from emotions and sensory impressions.

During the creative phase of my designs I always seek to first use my imagination, after which I follow up with ideas and lastly, give shape to the project with accurate workmanship, high-quality materials and precious stones.

This way I interpret the emotional content of our daily lives intuitively and harmoniously, in order to create objects intended to convey to their wearer the same sensations that inspired their conception.

The result is jewels which amaze with their simple lines and sparkle with originality in the firmament of contemporary jewellery.


In addition to the jewellery pieces displayed in the shop’s windows photos of our previous creations are at your disposition to help you choose the jewellery which inspires you the most and to adapt it to your personality according to your taste.

If you have a special and more exclusive wish I can design a custom jewellery piece which will be handcrafted in my workshop upon your approval, transforming your dream into jewellery.

Jewellery pieces which you don’t feel like wearing anymore can be transformed, adding new value to your own precious stones, as an example daring with a more original and modern stone setting solution.


Gold and precious materials I use are certified with the sustainability label Oekogold and are sourced in the respect of ecological and ethical standards which are guaranteed by the gold supplier with whom I collaborate, which is also a member of the “Responsible Jewellery Council”, an official organisation with the mission of guaranteeing that international ethical standards concerning the extraction and sale of precious metals and stones are respected.

This means: no exploitation of illegal workers and no use of chemicals which are toxic and harmful for the environment.

Diamonds are provided with a guarantee to confirm their provenance from legitimate sources which are non involved in the funding of conflicts, as ruled by standards set by the Kimberley Process to which the importers I work with refer to.


For me, designing jewellery involves continual research, rather like a ship wandering the sea of creativity without a specific destination.

Each wave and each puff of wind can be the starting point for expressing something that captures my imagination, and it doesn’t much matter if the horizon is too far off: the longer the journey, the more things there will be to recount.

I love playing with contrast and space – using light as though it were a substance. Light therefore outlines the purity of forms I choose; it renders a curve delicate, sculpts a daring angle or moves across a rippling gold surface like a breeze across the ocean.


Design and visual arts have always been my great passion, and this led me to study creative arts at the Centro Scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche in Lugano.

In 1990, after obtaining a diploma in fabric design, I discovered that was a bit limiting. So, driven by curiosity and intuition (which have always been the real basis for my choices), I realized what was missing:  I wanted to work with my hands and watch my ideas come alive at my fingertips.

My encounter with the art of the goldsmith may have been fortuitous, but I realized immediately that I had happened upon what I needed in order to express my creativity.

Delight always marked my apprenticeship, both when inventing and when learning technique, and it was my companion throughout the two years I worked as a qualified jeweller. That delight, especially, was the reason for the enthusiasm that led me to present my designs and creations by opening an atelier in Lugano.