Show Room


All the jewellery is made entirely in a laboratory located inside the store, from its conception, on through development of thematic collections, to the final finishing touches on single pieces.

The workmanship is painstaking and detailed, and all pieces come with a certificate of authentication and a photograph which not only states the economical value and craftsmanship of the piece but also serves as a document for your insurance in case of theft.

Precious metals I use are yellow, red, and white gold (750) and platinum (950), stamped with the mandatory hallmark that is filed with the Precious Metals Control Department at the Federal Customs Office.

The precious stones are of excellent quality and are all guaranteed.

In addition to custom made jewellery it is possible to ask for modifications and repair of old pieces, as well as re-stringing and knotting of pearl or precious/semi-precious stones necklaces.


My showroom is the place where I house my ideas. This elegant, spare space mirrors the same style that distinguishes my jewellery.

The store windows pay homage to the visitor, who can admire jewels displayed in a sober, innovative setting, which looks almost like a small stage.